• Bonjour. Le labyrinthe Peninsula est fermé pour l’hiver et ses travaux divers. Réouverture en 2022, dès que les conditions seront propices. Pour toute information au sujet du labyrinthe, merci d’appeler le 06 64 66 45 56. Bonne journée !

An original concept

Welcome to the Maze!

This unique place of enjoyment and culture welcomes you in the heart of the Presqu’Ile de Crozon’s enchanting countryside.

Ideal for all your outings, with family, alone or in groups. Each visitor, big or small, will find ways to play, to ponder, to discover, to dream, to get lost…to better find yourself.

Better to walk slowly in the right direction than to run in the wrong one!

  • A giant maze

    Come wander within the giant wooden labyrinth, under the open sky.
    A local legend is hidden along its twists, turns and meanders.

    Discover the legend on your own, using your sense of orientation, deductive reasoning, or even intuition or inspiration of the moment….

    In the labyrinth, everyone follows his own path, makes her own way !

  • You just may end up getting lost…

    that’s part of the game!

    Take advantage of this fleeting dizziness, defying reason, troubling the senses, opening the doors to imagination. Loosing yourself, searching, questioning, smiling at your own confusion : all this has you finding answers, sometimes unexpected ones…

  • A permanent exhibition

    An exhibition will allow you to discover the mysterious origins and surprising evolutions of labyrinths throughout human civilizations.

    You may also take advantage of your trip to Peninsula
    to try out other kinds of labyrinths,
    ancient or modern.

  • Renewed every year

    For your enjoyment, the labyrinth’s layout as well as the local tales that illustrate it are renewed every year.