• Bonjour. Pour toute information au sujet du labyrinthe, merci d’appeler le 06 64 66 45 56. Bonne journée !


In the courtyard, visitors will find a permanent exhibition about labyrinths and their fascinating history.

  • Where do labyrinths come from ?

    Every civilization having left its mark on humanity’s evolution has built and used labyrinths...

  • The large families of labyrinths.

    Labyrinths exist in multiple shapes and sizes, layouts, materials, purposes, ...

  • The labyrinth symbolizes man’s questioning of the unknown

    Why have prehistoric and modern man felt so passionately about these pure creations of the mind?

  • The labyrinth from fun to mystic

    The labyrinth as a spiritual link between human condition and the meaning of the universe...

  • ...and everything you always wanted to know about labyrinths!

    After visiting this fascinating exhibition, you will no longer consider labyrinths as a simple game, only good for amusing children !

    This is just a sample to show what this exhibition is about. More to be seen on the site. So far, this display is only available in French, but the various illustrations make it easy to understand for any foreign visitor.