• Bonjour. Le labyrinthe Peninsula est fermé pour l’hiver et ses travaux divers. Réouverture en 2022, dès que les conditions seront propices. Pour toute information au sujet du labyrinthe, merci d’appeler le 06 64 66 45 56. Bonne journée !

Feel relaxed

Might as well tell you now : it’s not that easy to get rid of your mother-in-law inside the labyrinth.

  • White flags = Emergency exits

    In fact, several emergency exits, indicated by white flags, are located in different spots of the labyrinth.
    They are easy to attain and will lead you directly outside the labyrinth. In which case, you can re-enter via the welcome booth and exhibition area.

  • Under the fence...

    Besides, the wooden fences that make up the labyrinth don’t go all the way down to the ground. So it’s easy, at all times,
    to look underneath to reassure yourself and find the child who might have left you behind…
    or vice versa (detail intended for Tom Thumb’s father).

  • Look out !

    A central look-out tower can also help you locate the people
    you may have lost. For your information, anyone lost and not claimed by family cannot be kept for over a year and a day (expiration date)...

  • Look around !

    We remind you the labyrinth is situated in a natural area comprised of moors, heath and pine groves ;
    consequently, no smoking is permitted in or around the labyrinth, including the parking lot.
    Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.