• Pendant les congés scolaires de la Toussaint, le labyrinthe est ouvert tous les après-midis, de 14h à 17h, météo permettant. Dernières entrées : 1h30 avant l’heure de fermeture, soit 15h30 en automne. Bonne journée !

Group visits

The Peninsula labyrinth is especially suited to group visits. The following information will be of interest to those responsible for organizing them.

  • Best to know :

    - Groups must reserve so we can welcome you in the best possible way.

    - The group rate is for 15 or more visitors, 5 years and older, arriving at the same time, and having made prior reservations. Fees : 6€ per person.

    - Payment is required (cash or check only) upon entrance the day of the visit.

    - To save time, it’s a good idea to divide the group into several smaller teams before reaching the ticket booth located at the entrance of the labyrinth.