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Every year, Peninsula will have you discover a new local legend as you make your way through the labyrinth.

Since our creation in 2001, that makes nine original stories (100 % local) which have shared with you the adventures of engaging characters in the most beautiful, natural settings of the Presqu’île de Crozon. These fabulous tales were written by Michel Tréguier and illustrated by Bruno Le Hir’s magnificent watercolors. Since July 2005, these legends are available in a collection published by Editions Buissonnières (see the « Peninsula books » section of our website).

  • "That’s enough !".

    Ninth tale, presented in 2009

  • “Bran and the yellow diamond".

    Eighth tale, presented in 2008

  • "When the Presqu’île was an island".

    Seventh tale, presented in 2007

  • "The Fountain of the Sky”.

    Sixth tale, presented in 2006

  • "The Crab’s Claw".

    Fifth tale, presented in 2005

  • "Loïk’s Odyssey".

    Fourth tale, presented in 2004

  • "Fiona du Guénéron".

    Third tale, presented in 2003

  • "The Magic Spell of Ménez-Kerbasguen".

    Second tale, presented in 2002

  • "The giant of La Pointe de Dinan".

    First tale, presented in 2001